Sachdeva Lighting Pvt. Ltd.

Osram HQI-TS Lamps

The Osram HQI-TS Lamps, which we offer, are known for their luminance. These Osram HQI-TS Lamps are manufactured, using the cutting-edge technology. Also, we offer these Osram HQI-TS Lamps at the market leading rates to the clients. We are a dependable Supplier of Osram HQI-TS Lamps.


HQI TS 70W/ 150W D/ NDL 565.00 12
HQI TS 70W/ 150W WDL 565.00 12
HQI TS 250W/ D 1590.00 12
HQI TS 250W/ NDL 1625.00 12
HQI TS 250W/ WDL 1867.00 12
HQI E 250W/ D (INA) 900.00 12
HQI E 400W/ D (INA) 1000.00 12
HQI T 250W/ D (INA) 980.00 12
HQI BT 400W/ D (INA) 980.00 12
HQI T 1000W/ D 8450.00 12